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Java Jukebox

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Java Jukebox is a captivating reggae band led by the lead vocalist of the band, Samuel Walukouw. Born and raised in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Samuel drew inspiration from his roots, giving birth to the band's name—a homage to his Indonesian heritage. With “Jukebox” as a symbol of the band's diversity. Musically, racially and culturally.


With a deep love for the roots reggae genre and influences ranging from legends like Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Black Uhuru, etc. Java Jukebox is committed to preserving the timeless vibes and sounds of reggae while infusing their taste with a fresh and contemporary twist.


Java Jukebox is known for their infectious melodies, thumping bass lines, solid rhythms, and enchanting harmonies. Their unique sound has earned them a prominent place in the reggae community, receiving acclaim for their authentic approach to the genre.


In 2019, Java Jukebox introduced their debut album to the world, titled "Rise Up." This exceptional collection features eight tracks that explore a range of themes, from thought-provoking political commentary to reflections on daily struggles and existential questions.


With their musical prowess gaining international recognition, Java Jukebox has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned Jamaican artists such as Desi Jones of the legendary "Chalice" band, Raging Fyah, EarthKry, Maroghini, and others. They have also joined forces with esteemed US-based talents like Mighty Mystic, Blakkamoore, The Elovaters, Eureka Sounds, and many more.


Java Jukebox has graced the stages of numerous venues across the United States, including notable appearances at festivals like Summer Breeze Reggae Festival, New England Indonesian Festival, and Jerry Jam Festival. Their captivating performances have attracted the attention of media outlets such as Boston Voyager, WEMF Radio, as well as international platforms like MetroTv News, VOA Indonesia, Smile Jamaica TV, and Bess FM Radio in Jamaica.


Java Jukebox is dedicated to sharing their uplifting melodies, meaningful lyrics, and contagious energy with audiences worldwide. Their music transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on the reggae landscape. Get ready to groove to the infectious sounds of Java Jukebox as they blend tradition and innovation in the world of reggae music.

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